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We are a wholesale company, we sell a lot of batteries and deal direct with the manufacturers which lowers our costs… and yours.
The short answer to this question is… Yes!. We move a lot of batteries therefore our batteries are fresh and come direct from the manufacturer which means they haven’t been sitting on a shelf for months and months. In addition, we deal with some of the largest and most well established manufacturers in the world like Clarios, Yuasa, Energizer, Optima, and many more to ensure our customers are receiving quality product.
All of our batteries are tested before being sold so no batteries should be ‘dead on arrival’.
In the event that this happens we are happy to have you return any unused product within 45 days of purchase date.
  • Providing we have your order in by 1:30pm, you will receive your battery on the same day. Typically between 4-8pm
  • Any order received after 1:30, will be delivered the following morning.
Yes you can! Although a small fee will apply. For those in the WPG surrounding area, the additional fee is typically $5-$10. For those a little further away from Winnipeg, we can usually get product to you the next day and the delivery fee will be determined on a case by case basis. Please call for more details (204-783-8787)
The warranty period for each battery will vary based on the category that a battery lands in. For example, wet acid automotive batteries have a 6-year total basic warranty on them. The 1st 2-years of that warranty is the free replacement period and the last 4 years of the warranty is the pro-rated period. In all warranty cases the tested process never changes, all batteries are tested for manufacturer based problems through a series of tests that involve voltage, load capacity, the ability for a battery to hold charge and sulfation testing when possible. There are also warranty options depending on the category of battery that you are purchasing. Please contact us with any questions.