$29.50 CDN
The 12BC1000D-1 charger begins it’s charge cycle on “fast-charge”, providing the
battery with constant voltage of 15VDC, and regulated current of 1000mA. This charge
cycle is indicated by the red LED. As the charging cycle progresses, the terminal voltage
of the battery will rise to an eventual 15VDC. At this point, the charger senses this
voltage, and the fast-charge circuit cuts-off, also turning off the red LED. The “floatcharge”
circuit then comes on along with the green LED, providing the battery with a
constant voltage of 13.8VDC. This voltage can be left on the battery indefinitely without
damage, and keeps the battery fully charged, ready for use at all times.
Voltage 120VAC, 60Hz, +/- 15V
Exciting Current 60mA
PRIMARY Rated Input Power 25VA
DC Resistance 40 ohms +/- 10%
OUTPUT: Float Fast-Charge
Voltage 13.6-13.8Vdc 14.8-15VDC
Current 50mA 1100mA Max.
INSULATION Primary-Secondary 100M ohm @ 500Vdc
RESISTANCE Primary-Core 100M ohm @ 500Vdc
Primary-Secondary 1500Vac for 1 min.
DIELECTRIC Primary-Core 1500Vac for 1 min.
STRENGTH Secondary-Core 1500Vac for 1 min.
TEMPERATURE Max. 75 Degree C @ rated load
RED LED “on”: Charger is in “CHARGING” mode.
GREEN LED “on” Battery is charged for use, and the “float” charge is operating.